13 Tips for a Good Job interview

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You have improved your resume, working hard on your application and you get a chance you can call on. Here are 13 tips to succeed for those who want a nice interview:

1. Know your weaknesses
“What are your weaknesses?”, Is one of the most frequently asked interview questions. Many people talk around it or want to demand a positive point bending. Not a good idea. A better way to deal with it is called weaknesses that have little to do with the position you are applying for. Do Tell always there to do what you do to improve those points.

2. Smile
Such an easy way to score points, but many people forget it happened seriously by the nerves or want. A smile breaks the ice and shows that you are a friendly and fun person, just as someone with whom it is pleasant work.

3. Prepare for questions that others forget
Occasionally diving in interviews of those strange questions on. The reason that recruiters who claim that they want to see how you inform it off in unforeseen circumstances. What is your thought process? How creative are you? How witty? So be prepared that you may get strange questions like: How many golf balls are in Australia or have you ever had a rotbaas? Display your thought process or ask a question back.

4. Stay calm when things go wrong
Sometimes you are so well prepared, but it is still in the soup. There are recruiters who knowingly bad conversation smoothly to see how the candidate responds. So keep a cool head. Remember that a mistake you do not have to cost the job.

5. Do some research to those with whom you have the conversation
Today, this is quite easy using Facebook, Twitter and extensive business websites. Know in advance the background of the woman or man you’re talking to. Who knows, you went to the same university or share a hobby? Try to bond.

6. Emphasize that you fit in with the corporate
Qualifications do matter, but another important issue is the corporate culture. Get your values ​​and views reflect those of the company? If so, you have an edge over other candidates.

7. Use enthusiastic words
Your vocabulary says a lot about the type of person you are. You might say: ‘my job’, ‘my job’ or ‘my goal’, words that all say something about your job, but differ in enthusiasm. Or how about this: “I do accounting” or “I’m an accountant.” And of course the classic ‘I see no problems, but challenges. ” Managers are sensitive to such wording.

8. Close sharply
Research shows that when people get them a set of figures presented are often the first few and last few can remember. Later The end of the conversation so it is a last chance to impress. You know it’s coming when the recruiter says you still have questions? If you have a telling anecdote, strong demand and a good example is lost: use it here.

9. Thank the recruiter in a specific way
Say for example:

  •     Thanks for the time you took for this interview, I know you’re busy with …
  •     Thank you not to laugh at my very ambitious career goals.
  •     Thank you made during this conversation. Put me at ease
  •     Thanks for the criticism that you gave me, it sets me thinking.

10. Ask for feedback
Make sure you get a response to the call. Please contact after a few days, or a week and move them until you have a clear ‘no’ or ‘yes’ hear.

11. Stay in touch
If you are still in the process and you’ll see shortly after you call an interesting article about something that was discussed when, mail it to the recruiter, share it. It shows that you still think about the company or recruiter.

12. Negotiate
Even though this job is the only option you currently have: negotiate the salary and working conditions. It shows that subconsciously you are still in demand and that you are competitive.

13. Thank everyone who helped in the conversation
Thank the person who introduced you, the receptionist that you put at ease, the hiring manager, the recruiter and everyone who played a role in your application. A simple token of appreciation can ensure that people are going to help you in the future again.


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