25 questions to evaluate your mental state

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In the middle of winter festivals with even a distant memory and spring months, the motivation starts to flag. But while some dysphoria is normal at this time of year, the seasonal blues can become the real work wear when combined with overwork and underappreciation.

Read each of the following items and how often the symptom rate of attrition is true for you at work or outside work. Use a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 = rarely true and 5 = usually true. After your total score.

___ 1. I feel tired, even when it is appropriate to sleep.

___ 2. I am satisfied with my work.

___ 3. I feel sad for no apparent reason.

___ 4. I am forgetful.

___ 5. I am irritable and easily to people.

___ 6. I avoid people at work and in my private life.

___ 7. I have trouble sleeping because of worry about work.

___ 8. I get sick more often than usually.

___ 9. My attitude about work is “Why bother?

___ 10. They often come into conflict.

___ 11. My job performance is not at par.

___ 12. I use alcohol or drugs to feel better.

___ 13. Communicating with others is a strain.

___ 14. I can not concentrate on my work as if it once could.

___ 15. I am easily bored with my job.

___ 16. I work hard, but not very fulfilling.

___ 17. I am frustrated with my job.

___ 18. I do not like to go to work.

___ 19. Social activities are draining.

___ 20. Sex is not worth the effort.

___ 21. I watch television most of the time when not working.

___ 22. I have little to look forward to my work.

___ 23. I worry about my job during off hours.

___ 24. Feelings about work interfere with my personal life.

___ 25. My work seems pointless.

25-50 You’re doing fine.

51-75 Okay, but take preventive measures.

76-100 You are a candidate for burnout.

101-125 You’re burning out.


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