5 Possible reasons for leaving a current job

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What are some of the reasons you may leave your current job? They may be personal or professional, and oftentimes, several factors may come into play.

1. Career Growth

Career growth is a key motivator to leave one job for another. No matter how well you perform in your current role, the best way to get a really substantial pay raise and increased responsibilities may be to go and work for another company.

2. Change in Career Path

Another reason to leave a job is to pursue a different line of work altogether. You probably have a friend or neighbor who worked long hours in corporate America for many years, and then decided that their call to life was not to be an accountant.

3. Pursuit of More Education or Advanced Degrees

You may leave your job to go back to school full time or to pursue an MBA. You may have a leg up on some of the other students as you will have work experience.

4. Less Stress or Travel

You may leave your job for one that is less stressful or requires less travel. If you are on the road a lot with a job, you may long for less time at the airports and in hotels. What may have seemed adventurous in your twenties has become grueling and overbearing in your thirties.

5. Various Personal Reasons

Other personal reasons can lead you to change jobs. You may want to move closer to home to be near aging parents; you may want to take on a larger city. A new job may offer a shorter daily commute, which could be very attractive with the current high gasoline prices…

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6 Responses to “5 Possible reasons for leaving a current job”
  1. Andy says:

    Another reason for leaving is to start your own business.

  2. I have not enough experience about it. next I search more information online and finally found your posting. Its very helpful to increase my information on it to handle my blog too.
    thanks a lot, :)

  3. Another good one. I worked in Human Resources a long time, and always felt bad when someone left because of a person or management in their department. Things change quickly in a large company and there are so many other options available than leaving for a person. Especially when a person has a good record and maybe benefits accrued. You covered a lot – good advice all around.

  4. AB says:

    Another reason is that you are doing the complete opposite than what your job specification entails. I am supposed to focus on Business Analysis and BPI, but instead find that I spend nearly the whole day with production queries for which there are sections set up to address this while my real work and deadlines fall behind as a result.

  5. shabuddin says:

    Best address for build-up your carrier and have good business instruction finally a person has a good record and maybe benefits accrued.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Yea i quit my job because the company was in breech of a contract witht he state apprenticship org. It stated raises to be issued after every 100 hours worked, and every semester of the apprentiship completed. All i got was excuses and Lies. Was told to be thankful for what i was getting. Yet i can’t put that becaus eit will make ME appear to have a problem. Rediculous.

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