5 Tips to Advance Your Current Position

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The economy are growing increasingly shaky and there are still huge amount of layoffs occurring all over the world. So it’s critical for you to advance your present position and take advantage of your employment while you still have it. Try to get new skill sets and develop your reputation, which will assist your career in the long term. There are five tips you can use to advance your current position and improve your value in the job market.

Record your achievements
After you joined the company, the very first thing you should do is to sorting data of all your jobs and accomplishments. It’s also necessary to record the date of each promotion you’ve received and revise the list. Actually, it would also be a good idea to update your resume as your career progresses. A ready-made resume could come in handy when you unexpectedly quit or lose your job. No matter what, keep everything recorded when it
comes to your professional development.

Take in every new opportunity
Then how to advance your present position? The best way would be expose your self to as many new experiences as possible. Do hesitate to do it in case that manager asks you to analyze new software or participate in a pilot project, which looks amazing on a resume. Do presentation is also a good way to overcome your fear of public speaking. Finally, you should consider the company travel as a great opportunity to both see the world and bolster your professional value.

Pursue additional training
If new opportunities are not coming, then create some by yourself. Seek additional training that go beyond your job description in many other fields. You will not only learn the new skill, but also consolidate your standing within the company. Use your spare time to help the other departments. Make sure when you are making your request to accentuate both your professional development as well as teamwork.

Build your network
Another way to maximize your current position is building your ready-made network and produce sustained relationships with some of your more promising co-workers. Gradually, you will have your client base to exploit new contacts. Besides, pay attention to mentorship within the company, which is the most lucrative relationship any office can offer. When your department encounter unpredicted cutbacks it may help save your job.

Enroll in the social committee
Enrolling in the social committee can be a good work experience in your resume. You can never demonstrate motivation and team spirit without participating any community activities. Besides, getting involved in the office culture can expose yourself to new opportunities. Such as organizing charity events, maintaining a budget, which can also extend your responsibilities.

These five suggestions will allow you to advance your current position. You will have additional knowledge and experience at your present job that affect every part of the professional life. Given the current economic climate, making the majority of the time in work could save your profession.


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