Are you being treated unfairly at work?

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Unfair treatment at work comes in many forms. Unsure if you are being treated unfairly at work? Here are a few examples:

(1)The corporation, (or company), hires someone for a top level or management position from outside the company, passing over the loyal employee who has worked for the company for years and years. This is especially unfair treatment if the loyal employee has been doing the job the outside person has been hired for, (and even worse if the loyal employee will be expected to train the new person!)

(2)There is a new boss, and suddenly, the entire workplace is experiencing an extreme amount of “job strain”. Job strain happens when a worker is expected to do a large amount of work in too short of time, with little or no control over how, when, and with what tools said work will get done in. If you find that you are unable to obtain the tools you are required to use to get this job done in, that adds to your job strain. Job strain, and the detrimental effects it has on a person’s health is compounded by how long a person has to put up with excessive job strain. This treatment at work is especially unfair if the workers were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing before the new boss showed up, and arbitrarily changed the rules and job descriptions.

(3)When you were hired, you were granted a certain number of sick days, personal days, and vacation days. As time goes on, you find more and more rules created that prevent you from using the paid time off you have earned. For example, if you are told that no one can take vacation days during “the holidays” and learn that the holidays are defined as the entire months of October, November, December, and January, this is unfair treatment at work. If, at the same time, you notice that certain employees seem to get to take days off whenever they want to, with little notice provided, this is especially unfair treatment at work…

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10 Responses to “Are you being treated unfairly at work?”
  1. Trisha1965 says:

    I work at this hospital when a lot of the people get all the holidays off. If u are not in the click u don’t get them off. And if u kiss the boss ass u get a week vacation off. I request to work two holidays and have christmas off and. We do self scheulding and one young lady start early before everyone else. And she is in the click she see the scheulde before any one. The manager when I ask about christmas she said they said u want every holiday off. I said who is they she would not tell me, I told her I have kids that’s small she didn’t care. Then I requested a week vacation for New Year it was disapproved. I ask why she said it have not been posted on the board yet. Then when I was off friday it was posted and who did she give it to the one that has been kiss the boss ass. By the way they gave her christmas week off plus the weekend plus New Years day off as well. Please who ever is out there what do I suppose to do about this situation. Who do I talk to? To me this is very unfair.

  2. Sarah says:

    In my partners contract it states that he will work up to 40 hours per week, along with this he has a verbal agreement with his boss saying that she will not drop his hours under 40 a week. She did however reduce his hours a few weeks ago down to 37 a week and has now gone even further and again reduced his hours, down to no more than 34 a week. Along with their verbal agreement, in his contract it states that “The Employee’s hours of work may be varied as follows: By mutual agreement between the Employee and the Employer”. On both occassions his boss has failed to negotiate any hour reductions and has simply presented him with a new roster. Is there anything we can do to get his hours back up to 40 per week?

  3. joe says:

    i worked for the company for 7 years. been giving a senior position after 3 years. it all sound good, but in fact no one have to listen or obey any of my orders. a year later a new graduate joined as a junior. may be her face fits the manager, after only months she was promoted to a supervisor. she can totally ignore my command, sometimes she even mentioned to the manager so i get told off fr bossiing her.
    she got married so left the company, buut a new replacement. after 6 months she’s above me. most annoying part. she can’t do the jobs that only i can. again may be her face fits the managers eye.

  4. doulasc says:

    I worked for a delivery company and was assigned a route,after three years on that route manangement took the route away from me and out sourced the work to a outsider. I was not happy and they said it was more cost effective. I asked for the route back and they said no. They put me on another route against my will. I feel this was unethical.

  5. angela windle says:

    ive worked with my company for 2years and 5 months . i uses to love getting up and going to work . but our unite manager but so much pressure on us because she can not find people to cover nights x when she dose our rotters and people are on anuale leave she just puts us down for shift with out asking if its ok by us x she will do it so we have one night on one night of then three nights on , one night of then three nights on .when i was on anual leave she put me down for a shift what i didnt no about until my co worker rang and told me i was meant to be on shift . because i didnt go in because i was on anual leave i was told of by manager when i was back from of anual leave .

  6. Cindy says:

    I have worked for a veterinarian clinic for 11 years now. I have for that length of time had to change my days off to accommodate the new employees if they cannot work on a given day or for the better of the clinic. My co-worker has been there for about 18 years but has always been able to keep her Saturdays and Sundays off. I have voiced my opinion and my wish for two days off in a row, even if it is during the week, but it is to no avail. I recently put in for a week off for my wedding and was told it was not a good time for vacation, so I am at my wits end. Any thoughts?

  7. Fiona Hynd says:

    Hi, i have been working for a small cleaning company for just over a year now, on previous occasions i along with other staff have been asked for a contract, to which we have been told its getting dealt with, 9 months later we are still waiting. since march this year 4 polish have been employed and the work has deteriorated rapid, there is absolutely no communication between employees and employer, i have always got picked up at my place of parking which is 5 minute drive from office, this has always been the case since i started, today i was still waiting to be picked up after half hour waiting so i phoned the boss and asked when am i getting picked up? to which i was told it doesnt happen anymore as everyone was to met at office, i was not informed about th changes and was told to go home as work is slowing down, surely if this is the case the boss would have phoned or texted me the night before to let me know, i work 16 hours a week and wondered if i have a case, this is not the only problem i am having, please could you email me and let me know where i stand

    Thank You

    Fiona Hynd

  8. Chris says:

    I have 10 years experience , & was hired 3-2012 for this company. I was told I was hired because of my past experience , But I have been lied about , talked about, and even cussed out by a co-worker. I have taken my concerns to management,first my dept then higher, & even to my company’s HR department.But the regional lady met me in the hallway and said i had sent nasty text messages about my boss to a coworker & that is why they are treating me so badly. I told her I never said anything about my manager let alone texted anyone anything and the person they said I sent it to also said they never saw anything like that from me . This worker & I am making a date to see the store manager about it . I am so fed up I want to quit but then that is what they want & I need this job no matter how crappy it is right now . But even after calling Hr about it & sending them a e-mail I have heard nothing. what else can I do? should I contact the company owner? should i hire a lawyer? should I contact a labor board? I have been looking for another job since a month after they hired me . I also keep a folder of what i do on my shifts because of how they treat me . any help would be appreciated thanks

  9. CJ says:

    I am in a fully commissioned sales position, however I did accept a minimum salary as I got settled into the busness. If I achieved a percentage commission higher than my salary, then I would receive the higher of the two totals. As it turns out, the most tenured salesman, who also get transferred the biggest account if the previous salesman leaves, has been deleting the sales ordered I receive for his “accounts”, and are-inputting them in his name. The way the system works is the salesman tha holds the account he’s approximately half the commission of the sale even if some other salestake, service, and prices the order if someone else n the team handles it,

  10. GLR says:

    The company I worked for refused to pay 30hrs of vacation time I had accrued because I quit without giving proper notice and thereby “caused disruption in the workplace”. I had no knowledge that this was their policy until I informed them that I was going to file a complaint with “Labor Standards”, at which time they mailed me a page copy of a “Personnel Practice Manual”, which had written across the bottom, “Private and Confidential – Controlled Document – Do Not Reproduce. I worked for a company that sells 1 billion dollars worth of warehouse equipment per year. I had another piece of meat already trained to do my job because everyone knew that my disease (Systemic Lupus) was progressing and that I was well into a long spiraling crash out the door. I considered those 30 hours of vacation time (and the money) a part of my compensation for working for them and therefore feel I’ve been robbed by my Ex-corporate Overlord. I was doing a kick-but job for these yahoos’ according to my annual review. So much for giant corporations existing to serve the public good. I obviously have it backwards, But robbery is robbery. Thanks for listening!

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