Building confidence in new or first-time employees

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Building confidence (and competence) in new employees is a skill every manager and business owner must strive for. Not simply because it is the kind thing to do, but, because it will affect your bottom line in every way. Confident employees want to come to work, they are less likely to quit, they project a positive image of your company, and they create a positive image of your company in the wider community.

The first key to confidence building is training. Train, train, then retrain. It is estimated that the average learner will need to hear a piece of information at least 16 times before it becomes engaged within the long-term memory. If it seems your employees are asking the same question again and again, smile and assume they are working to transfer that new knowledge into the long-term storage system of their brain.

Secondly, give praise and make it genuine praise, every day. Take note of the things done right and watch those tasks improve even further. When you are giving genuine praise, the needed criticism will be taken in a much more open manner, the employee begins to want your approval and praise, and will work to improve if things are not quite right…

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