Coaching Your Team: Motivation in the Workplace

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With the economy in such a big bind, there are many businesses that have had to lay off employees. Unfortunately, the work that would have been done by these employees is now transferred to the remaining employees. This translates to more work, and of
 course, more problems. It is important to the effectiveness of the employees that members of management take certain steps to ensure that employees maintain a high level of success.

Coaching is the way to go. As the name suggests, you are providing the motivation that your employees need. Most teams have members that varying in terms of their knowledge and experience. As a coach, your job is to make sure that each person’s full potential comes out, and that there are certain tasks assigned that are appropriate to each employees’ skill level.

By stepping up and proving your coaching abilities, you are setting an example for other people. Your leadership skills will rub off on the employees. In turn, they can make efforts to provide additional leadership and motivation to each other. They can each learn to help one another, and provide each other with the confidence that is necessary to getting things done.

Don’t get power hungry. It is important for you to understand that although you have a higher level of power, you should not let it go to your head and lose control. You need to remember that being too bossy is counter-productive. Not only will you lose the respect of your team, but you may put your own job on the line because this type of behavior is usually unacceptable.

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