Comparing job search websites: Careerbuilder vs. Monster

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Recently, I have been in search for employment Monster and CareerBuilder. There is a world of difference between the two, but there are plenty of places to look for jobs. In comparison, is actually much better than a search engine for jobs either, but still is not the answer. To find a job either in the search, you must wade through countless “national jobs” that are actually scams (or proposals for joining the Army).

Monster has the problem of horrible user interface. It is difficult to choose exactly what you want to find, especially if you do not live in a major metropolitan area. For example, the list includes only 9 Ohio cities. Taking into account, most places are quite near there, but the situation leaves much uncovered. Some sites try to cope with this by saying “other areas” instead of those cities, but that does not give concrete results, either.

CareerBuilder, but it is much easier to use, has a problem with the fact that there are so many scams or ridiculous job postings that are hard to find real jobs there. Another issue is that while some employers post it, do not accept resumes from it. This is the case of several major hospitals in Ohio, and some companies in Northern Kentucky. The biggest advantage of this monster is that most often includes a direct fax number or email to send a resume.

Of course, while both have their ups and downs, which are definitely not the only place for employment services. The best place to start is the state the state of siege that we often have lists of jobs for state jobs here in Ohio and there is also a search Scotia, which is run for Job and Family Services. In addition, there is another place known as It is a job search by zip code and keyword to search through newspaper ads on the Internet, CareerBuilder, and countless other workplaces to provide a list of jobs within so many miles from your zip code. The best part about this is, you can configure an RSS feed for your search, so aware of job postings at a time warning, and when the tracks had shifted to be shown the new jobs if they been published.

Another good idea is to give a temperature. For most people, this is a way to get a job quickly, but if you are at entry level in a professional field, this may be the foot in the door. If you do not have any idea where to find a job, this is a good place to start, as it often allows you to read through advertisements, and then seek reunion with the body temperature is one that if you like . It is also a good idea to check the websites of local newspapers, websites of local government, and at your local library. Remember, if there is a bank nearby, see the website of the career / employment services. Monster and CareerBuilder are decent tool to use along the way, but neither is the end of the road.


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