Five tips for recruiters practicing a job interview

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You can call on for your dream job. How do you prepare for that conversation? Can you practicing for?

1. Be prepared

Be prepared for an interview will give you peace and confidence and that radiate out. You also give your business card right away: because everyone is looking for a candidate who initiation rich and pro-active behavior exhibits. And that shows you with a tight preparation.

2. Practice interview

Recruiters usually have a basic list of questions. So there you can prepare.

The recruiters often ask questions in three areas: about yourself, the company and the position. What you need to know about yourself? About the company can expect questions like “Why the company appeals to you?” Standard Questions about the job which you are applying are: “What appeals to you in the position? Why are you suitable for the job, both as a person and based on your professional knowledge and ambitions? ” Practice your interview, so you get confident about it.

3. Prepare for on competency based questions

There is a type of question that recruiters find important: questions about your skills.

Most of the questions are competency, so they go about your behavior. This is seen as an important predictor for how you will behave. You in the future In many profiles asks for skills such as taking initiative and talent together. The job comission will look for specific examples, preferably from the recent past, which prove these properties.

So you have an example of a situation where you had to work with others, much of what was your role in it, what actions have you taken and what was the final result? This method is also called the STAR method mentioned. It is definitely worth your good at deepening and a number of situations to work out for yourself. The demand for your good and bad qualities you can prepare. It is still made in many conversations.

4. Ask a friend for help

Ask a friend to Ask the person who helps you practice and pay attention to your posture and gaze. Conversation with you So you can already the most important answers in an interview rehearse.

Perhaps there is someone who can help,If that is not the case is recommended to the answers to the questions aloud to practice. Optionally, it can help when you do this for the mirror. It helps you practice out loud because actually formulate your answers. Well You can think of an answer in your head or write an answer on paper, but that does not mean that you also are able to articulate.

5. Over exercising does not exist

Do not be afraid that you will lose when you come well prepared. You’re just a confident impression if you do not stammering and searching for words can make the call. Eventually you questions that you had anticipated, even after thorough preparation, right answer in slightly different terms than you had planned.

You will never be asked any questions actually know so that alone makes that you will not respond like a robot. And prefer an answer where you previously thought about it, then an answer you do not come true because the question comes as a complete surprise.


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