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With your college, university or vocational diploma in hand, you are ready to enter the labor market. Or so you think. Because in the year 2012, the jobs are not there for the taking. What can you do when you graduate and are unemployed? Under your reading skills, work experience internship, continue to apply or a benefit?

Employment opportunities
You are a graduate of the college or university, or have you just MBO diploma. It makes a difference which direction you are trained. For the so-called scientists, it is easier to find work than for alphas that language as a strong point. It is difficult to find a job that matches the training.

Nurses or teachers-to-be a teacher in the sciences have followed, may direct for a permanent contract signing. For mass popular courses such as business economics, communication and journalism, the reality is fierce. They have to compete with thousands of graduates to their place in the labor market to get. The so-called creative courses give no job security. Notorious pathways such as Creative Therapy. And then if you find out that employers do not you sit down to wait, what do you do? Unemployed on the couch is not an option. Meanwhile, the rent is paid monthly, like other fixed costs.

Register with agency
Subscribe to the employment agency is an obvious solution to finding a job. But who the news recently has followed, know that here the employment shrinks. In extreme cases depend only “spookvactures” for the window to lure applicants.

Under your level work
If there is still work, do not hesitate to be “under your level” to work. If HBO graduate or scholar you might find it “sin of training” to an MBO function to start, but that is the daily practice. At the bottom is the rule rather than the exception begin in lousy economic times. The excuse that “bad on your CV” is not quite. Potential employers prefer someone a period of unemployment bridges with a part-time job as a postman, then spending months are inactive.

“Too little work experience”: volunteer
“Lack of experience” is a common reason for rejecting candidates. There are few graduate jobs in certain function groups. In order to gain work experience, you may consider to volunteer. You then some during the day.

The problem that you have enough experience, you can solve a “work experience placement” to do. Not all companies are willing heart, because it is a relatively new construction. The concept is simple: you make a (paid) internship and operates as a full employee. The knife cuts both ways: you are a cheap workforce for the organization and praise yourself better in the market. This is only an option if you’re independent income. If you yourself live, rental must still be paid.

Teachers get Jurisdiction
It is an escape route, which may not be very obvious, but certainly an option if you are social, good with kids and you’re able to knowledge in an understandable way to transfer. You can in 1.5 to 2 years teaching license you get if you have a college – or have completed university education. In education is almost always a glaring shortage of teachers. This applies particularly in the sciences, but also German teachers are sought after. However, education is not something you just by doing so. Not everyone is suited for. Certain skills to learn, but not all didactic and pedagogical tricks of the trade for everyone.

Graduated and unemployed: entitlement?
Young people who have recently graduated and can not find jobs, often consider an allowance to ask. There are different types of benefits intended for a period of unemployment to bridge. There are roughly the unemployment benefit and social assistance.

Unemployment benefit
Young people who have recently graduated, usually have no significant employment history built. That is one of the conditions for unemployment benefit. Therefore, it is only an option for this benefit to apply if you have worked a lot during your study.


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