How do You know if you got a job after an interview?

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Write a letter of interest to the manager or person who interveiwed you.

A simple letter, stating that you thank them for the opportunity of applying for the position (name the position) and that you are looking forward to hearing about thier final decision on the job posting.

Thank him/her again for the time they took out of thier busy day to interview you.

Place your phone number below your signature.

Mail it.

The economy is still bad, and millions of people are still out of work. It has been said that there could be as many as 3,000 applicants for any one open position, especially ones that don’t need schooling.

Writing this letter will keep your name in their face.

In the mean time, keep on looking for a job. Don’t be depending on this one to come through.

Source: yahoo answers


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