How long does a modeling career last?

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ballet asked:

How long does a modeling career last?

I am looking to model in the high fashion industry. I am planning on going on America’s Next Top Model but I am wondering if it would be possible to go to college before I begin my career. I know that the career doesn’t last forever and that is why I would like to go to college so that way I could get another job once I am too old to model. If you could tell me how long a modeling career lasts in the high fashion industry. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Best Answer:

This is something that I happen to be an expert at because I am a model and so is my fiancee. Your best bet when starting out is to join an agency. * Make sure you do your research though, because some agencies are very good and others are very poor. * Also do be prepared to be asked to pose in skimpy and revealing clothing. Sometimes you will also be asked to pose nude. If you are uncomfortable with your body or don’t like being nude or semi nude, this is not a good choice for a career.

As far as how long your career will last is really up to you. You have to take care of your self by eating healthy, exercising, and having an over all healthy life style. There are models like Christie Brinkley who have been in the business for decades. Bottom line is this be healthy, stay healthy, and you will have a long career.

Last but not least, do expect a lot of hard work and heart ache. The modeling world isn’t for everyone. What I would also do is look into acting as well, since the way Hollywood is going many stars have both acting and modeling careers. Both my fiancee and I have done plenty of acting as well (commercials, extras, etc.). Just remember to stay positive and never do anything that you aren’t comfortable with. Good luck! :)



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  1. holly says:

    i really want to be a fashion model on the catwalk soo much but i am planning to enter when i am 18 is it too late should i not bother because i cant do it now

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