How long does an interview usually last for?

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NT asked:

I’m going to an interview tomorrow and the woman that called me to schedule an interview told me that it would take about an hour for the interview. Does it usually last that long? I’m applying for an accounting position.

Has anyone else been to an interview for an accounting position?? If so, how was it like?

Thank you!

Best Answer:

It may take that long. I went on an interview for a position in human resources once, and I met about 6 different people and was there for 3-4 hours…after 2.5 hrs I decided I didn’t want the job, which turned out best – 6 months later they had a large layoff…

It depends on the company and their interview parameters, how detailed they want to get and how many if any other people are involved. If you may have to meet with the Controller or A/P Manager per say, their schedules may only allow a few minutes here or there. Just depends, but if your contact said plan on at least an hour. That will give them time to feel you out to see if you’re a good fit for the group you’ll be working with and for. Good Luck!



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  1. I think it depends on the role you are applying for and who is iterviewning you. it can be from 20-35mins or so.Hope that helps

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