How to accelerate the career path for Personal Assistants

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Have a job but want a career then read on Being a PA is about maintaining the professional standards of others, striving to meet the goals and achieving the success of others means that some times you can take your eye of your own PA job search.

PA jobs in London are probably the most competed for in the country, so when you come home from hard days work and you kick back and unwind what time do you give to how to shape your career? Experts agree that no more than 10% of the working population is completely satisfied with their jobs the remaining 90% question aspects of their job roles from what they do, when they do it and how they get paid for it.

However many retain the status quo, often through fear of change and/or lack of knowledge about how to change jobs. PA jobs in London as we have said are highly competed for so what is the top tips for finding that role? Recruiters for PA’s in London “Morgan Spencer’ is a specialist recruiter for PA jobs in London and like our industry peers we will have jobs on our website, jobs that are known to just our consultants and jobs that are being held and recruited for any our competition.

The best way to get the PA job you want is to develop a relationship with your recruiter, the job they do like yours is quite demanding and time consuming and often reliant upon getting hold of the very people you protect. So set out a plan with them, set realist time lines and above all give them some support and empathy in the task they have to perform.

Job Boards Job aggregation sites and job boards will carry the latest jobs for personal assistants and if you filter for London then you will get normally what you want. Keep in mind recruiters often advertise on many sites so there will be lots of duplications to deal with. Newspapers There is still something to be said for the good old London newspaper, but advertising is expensive. This means the jobs will be well vetted and very real but you may well face hundreds of competing applications.

Clients own career sites PA jobs in London can be found on client’s career sites. If you do apply via a web site direct remember that first impressions count and as a PA your meant to cross the T’s and dot the I’s so follow up all applications with a call and check on your CV’s progress through the employers recruitment cycle. Conclusion We will have more on finding PA jobs in London in follow up articles but for now you have a four step plan to get the job you want.

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