How to Answer – What Do You Like Least About Your Current Job?

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What do you least like about your current or former job. This is one of the most common questions out there. You can improve your chances of getting a job that is preparing for the most common questions asked. Here are some tips to help you.

What do you like most about your current or former job? You know it is coming, so be prepared. This is not an invitation to bash your employer if you really want to land the job. Being a diplomat and stay calm. Identify your least favorite aspect and seek to complement with a positive. “There is no room for advancement. The company is very small, so there’s no way for me to move up. I love the job, but I need something harder.” Has explained his reasons and have avoided sounding like a Basher.

When the interviewer by saying what you like your current job or old, you want to make sure it is not something that will hurt their chances for you to go. “I worked at the table service, so all day I had to deal with customer complaints.” If you use something like this you can forget about getting a job that has something to do at all with customers.

You may be able to link your response to the task of interviewing her. “I work alone in the back all day. I really want to be near people.” Using this example, you have explained what you like your current job and, possibly, the extent of their response to which you are interviewing for.

During the interview, when asked what you like about your present job, you must be prepared. Write a basic outline of what you want to play when asked about this issue. It’s good to test a little, but do not memorize and regurgitate, or do not sound sincere. What is happening is ultimately the confidence to not fumble around the question when asked.


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