How to deal with unemployment during a recession

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It’s sad that a daunting number of Americans have landed in the nightmare they now know as “Unemployment”. Not only have their livelihoods been jerked out from underneath them, so to speak, but they’ve also been placed in a position of fighting tooth and nail to hang on to every penny and they face oodles of hours fighting to at least get their foot in the door for the that perfect job interview they’ve spent all that time searching for on the Internet, going to job fairs and various other means.

The Recession we now find ourselves in has made this an even harder task to face than during a good economy. There is just so much more competition out there than one could ever possibly imagine. You are absolutely going to have to work harder than if you still had that job at this point. If you have the money and the inclination, it might be wise to try and start your own business during these trying times. It seems there are always those who seem to have more money than what they know to do with, so take advantage and create a business that caters to their needs and desires during this time.

You will find that you are no longer too good to do a little old fashioned manual labor. However, the competition of people who have already been out of a job for a while, are already ahead of you, so don’t wait until your money runs out. They’ve started making the contacts and creating a customer base for their skills. Believe it or not, the pay for a manual labor job such as housekeeping pays about what it paid ten years ago. Not because those who can afford it won’t pay more, but because there are those who are willing to do this type of work for less money in order to just get some money coming in. Fair market value is no longer an issue as you now know, there is no such thing as fair market when it comes to your services in a recession. It’s dog eat dog out there!

During the course of unemployment, there are many things you can do to cut costs. STOP spending! This is truly not as difficult a concept as one would imagine. Deny yourself until the cows come home. Some day you will have another job and you can treat yourself as you’ve done in the past. Cut absolutely everything out of the budget that is not mandatory to live and/or find another job. For example and despite popular belief, you don’t need cable, there are many forms of entertainment available to you. Read a book, go to a free concert, play games with your children, have friends over

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