How to get a job as a waitress with no experience

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A good waitress is a friendly waitress, someone who is on the ball with the customers, so when you go into an interview for a waitress job, be friendly and sharp. Do not appear indifferent, tell the person who you will be working for how important a role a waitress plays in the running of any good restaurant and why. Think about these things before you go for the job, so that you have the answers ready in your head.

When working with food cleanliness is crucial, make sure that your hands and fingernails look good and clean. Make sure your hair is washed and as tidy as it can be and make sure your clothes are clean and tidy too.

Working as a waitress requires people skills, so speak naturally and be yourself. If you get offered a trial period, be keen and quick to learn, work hard and make an effort to get on with everyone, being happy in your workplace is important and customers can tell if a person is happy or not.

If you want the job then go in as if you really want the job and most importantly be yourself and don’t be worried about coming across as nervous as nerves are perfectly normal.Your future employer will make allowances for nerves.

If you can get someone else to recommend you it is a good thing. I have heard that it goes a lot by word of mouth. They are looking for people that are polite. You know how they are. The companies want someone who looks clean cut. Others could want someone with a different look. It could depend on the customers they are trying to attract.

I have heard them say the employers that they want someone who is strong and looks as if they can do the work. They do not always pick the best ones but the ones who act as if they want to work and as if they want the job. Everyone wants it if they go for it but some go the extra mile. Then they also go by looks and how good people look. I have also heard that they go by references.

It is funny now because of the recession the restaurants also have lines of people who want to work.

If you read one of the comedy books by the girl looking for work it is partly about her work search. She learned not to tell them that she just wanted to get free ice cream etc.

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