How to rebound from a job shake-up

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“I have some difficult news which affects you and your position with the company.”

Hearing the words is enough to send anyone into panic mode. But landing a new job after a layoff, reduction or unraveling company (such as Lehman Brothers) takes careful planning.

This is the rebound of a shake-up:

Update your resume soon. Hearing rumors of dismissal? Investing the time now to transfer your last performance review, summary of achievements, work samples and letters of commendation to a jump drive, so you’ll have access to them outside the office.

Determine whether, having a temperature of employment, while seeking a full-time post could give some immediate relief. Through the exercise of the sum of expenditures and the pursuit of their bottom-line revenue requirements will make you feel like doing something to take control of their careers, said Doug Matthews, president of Right Management, a human resource consulting and professional staffing company.

Quick statistics: The number of people taking temporary employment has increased by 10% in the last two years, under the right management.

Make your job search for the strategic direction of the position you want and where companies want to work. Remember that if the scores of professionals in their field are seeking employment, you will need to be more creative on the site. Consider a small business or other industries that may need your skills.

Practice your pitch with a trusted friend or family member-but only after at least 72 hours of work through their emotional reaction to its loss of jobs. The goal: to free his words of anxiety or negative emotions.

Red is how 42% of people found their current jobs, management reports a survey right. Make a list of people you know from college, businesses and other voluntary organizations. Tell them what type of position you’d like, but “never asked anyone for a job,” says Matthews. “Instead of asking for information and referrals.”


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