Impact of New Technology in the Workplace

June 8, 2009 by  
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It’s a small world. Now it is becoming smaller. Especially the professional side of it. Technology is engineering a new small world in a small web where zillions of people collaborate across time, space, and organizational boundaries. There is a whole

new workforce lingo. There are geographically dispersed teams and virtual teams and parallel teams and networked teams and telecommuters and what not. All this is surely causing a paradigm shift in our good old ways of thinking about the workplace.

Granted, all this new technology has succeeded in esuring quantum leaps in productivity and profitability for many organizations. That is why they are on an upturn. It is good for the economy.

But perhaps it is time to get a handle on the other issues that have been overlooked in the bonanza that the technological mediations have presented. Most importantly, the effects on team processes such as team cohesiveness, trust, communication and interpersonal relationship building…

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