Job-hopping: Advantages & Disadvantages

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You are, intentionally or unintentionally, often changed jobs, and labeled as a “Jobhopper”. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a jobhobber?  And how can a Jobhopper adjust his resume to influence?

Is job hopping harm the career?
The so-called job-hopping affects your chances of working out in a positive way, generally. The benefits of job-hopping in particular for the worker: a higher salary, more challenge and a wide range of skills and knowledge. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. As job hoppers are seen as opportunists who are not loyal to the employer. If you are a Jobhopper, it is therefore wise to adjust your resume.

What is job-hopping?
Job hopping is a term used to indicate that someone is often changed from work. The motifs are higher wages, better working conditions or a higher function that offers more challenge.

Benefits of job-hopping
Job-hopping increases labor mobility. Organizations with many mobility benefit from knowledge and innovation. For Jobhopper itself provides job-hopping adventure and gives incentives. Moreover, they often pay rise and better working.

Disadvantages of job-hopping

Although the phenomenon of job hopping the current Y generation is not strange, employers are reluctant to take. Jobhopper in a service Job hopping sense that it is of little loyalty to a company or organization. Almost half of the managers job hoppers called opportunists. Nearly a quarter of the managers is not people who have worked. Nowhere more than two years according to a survey by Management Team. The Jobhopper is also less reliable found both by his employer and immediate colleagues. Other characterizations used for job hoppers, are “mercenary” and “capricious”.

The employer will certainly wonder why you’ve changed jobs so often and how long you will stay. In its organization These questions are sometimes literally put on a job interview. Late in your cover letter clearly see that you make a conscious choice for the job and the company.

Adjusting Jobhopper’s Resume

If you think job-hopping will not fall to your potential employer, much appreciated then you do well to make some adjustments to your resume.

1.Create a skills-CV instead of a standard resume. With this resume you put the emphasis on your skills and become competencies.

2. Make it clear, if possible in the cover letter or resume, you have to develop yourself. Also contain related experiences you have gained, so that you can adjust to add value of the job-hopping.


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