Job Interview : 6 Important Points for Preparation

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Job interviews make many people nervous. The best solution for this problem is adequate preparation. Here are 6 important points to take care of while preparing for a job interview.
1. Know Yourself. Everyone knows their own story but when it comes to talking about it, many people falter. This is because they have not practiced talking about themselves. There are no objectives while talking among friends but the case is different when you are sitting across an interview panel. The most common question to set the ball rolling is ‘Tell us about yourself’. This is your chance to create the first impression on the Interviewers. You must begin with what you are doing currently; then give a brief background on your experience and educational qualifications. You must keep this to less than 2 minutes.

2. General Knowledge. Every job requires individuals to be aware of their environment, in other words, what is happening around them in the world of economy, politics, business and sports…

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