Networks Double Your Chance of a New Job

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Networks doubles (some even ‘triple’ say) your chances though, because an estimated seventy percent of the jobs never make the newspapers or the Internet. Part of it is filled through the grapevine. Another part of that job is dormant, there are plans on the shelf (so there is work) and there is money, just the right person has yet to emerge.

Because you by networking ever closer to the fire – near people who have such jobs – the more likely you are once the right person in the right place at the right time. In addition, only twenty percent of the job seekers networking or open applications send. Calculate your profit: twenty percent angling for seventy percent of the jobs, while eighty percent is a battle in the round requires that thirty percent of the vacancies which may be advertised.

When you think about getting networking clubs rapid, panting guys in tight suits. However, networks can be done in many different ways. Through the training you’ve just behind it, for example. As a fresh starter in the labor market is the alumni association perhaps the best network you have. And the funny thing is. The majority does not realize that.

Old valuable Contacts

Such an association of former students has a lot of advantages over other associations on the way to the job you want. To begin with old contacts much more valuable than new. If you normally communicate a bit with your surroundings, know your new contacts know that you are looking for a job. Precisely those old contacts still do not know. And if you’re someone who was a few years above you, call, it is: “Hey, how nice, how are you?”

You frequently is in the same industry or you have at least a shared passion or area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, which is a prerequisite for a good network conversation. ” The alumni association can be used in two ways to network.

Useful addresses and classmates

First they organize lectures and other gatherings where people come who can do something for you. You must not go perform network calls, but there are cards you switch off and call down later to ask if you can come along.

The second way to network through alumni associations is the use of their information about former students. They usually have lists of names, disciplines, functions and phone numbers of former students. So you know exactly who works in the branch where you want to end up. Even if you do not know them personally, you know who they are and what they do. As someone you can call easily.

Networking is thereby become an important aspect. Where it used to have more of a reunion character, now a growing number of young alumni who want to have contact with a view to their career together.


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