Stress Relief 101: Advice for Stressed Out Professionals

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As we all know, work is something that can cause many people to feel incredibly stressed out and overwhelmed. This not only makes work more difficult, but also the actions of every day life. Stress makes work much more difficult to complete because you may feel as if work is continually piling up on you and it is just too overwhelming to complete. It will make your everyday life more difficult to deal with because you will constantly feel the need to relax and will not be able to deal with the obligations you have to take care of as an adult. There are ways, however, to manage and possibly even eliminate this stress from your life. Managing or eliminating this stress will allow you to both feel more fulfilled with your life and make you generally feel happier a greater amount of the time. Follow these steps to allow you to better deal with your stress:

1. Start your morning with meditation.
Although some people may think that meditation is not for them, it is likely that they are mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, in order to meditate one does not necessarily have to sit cross legged on a mat on the floor and repeat mantras (or positive chants) in order to meditate. Meditation is really just feeling at peace with one’s body and clearing the mind. Take a little time to sit quietly every morning and cleanse your mind of stress.

2. Eat a good breakfast.
One cause of stress is a mind that is not functioning at its highest capacity. The best way to kick start your brain in the morning is to feed it. Starting your day with a nutritional breakfast will allow your brain to function properly. This will result in more productivity, allowing you to get more done while you are at work and at home. This will help you to feel less overwhelmed and much less stressed out.

3. Make a realistic to do list.
Planning out your day can help you feel that you know what to expect. Sometimes the thing that stresses professionals out most is not knowing where to start with all of the things that they have to do. By making a to do list, it will help professionals to decide what they must do. It will also give them a sense of satisfaction when they complete each task on the to do list when they are able to cross each completed task off the list. There are some best practice tips for how to best create this to do list. First, make sure that the things you want to do in a day are realistic. If they are not, you still may feel unaccomplished because you wont be able to finish everything on your list. It is also a good idea to put the most difficult tasks first. Your mind will be more alert in the morning and will therefore be better at tackling difficult tasks.

Follow these three steps in order to feel less stressed out every day.

Author Pam Johnson is a business executive who is currently going to school online to get her masters and needs stress management more than ever! She uses these tactics while also doing something she loves: blogging as a contributing writer for Top 25 Best Value Online MBA Programs

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