Comparing job search websites: Careerbuilder vs. Monster

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Recently, I have been in search for employment Monster and CareerBuilder. There is a world of difference between the two, but there are plenty of places to look for jobs. In comparison, is actually much better than a search engine for jobs either, but still is not the answer. ... Continue Reading

Tips to recover from interview mistakes

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OK, you made mistakes during an interview. But that kill your chances of getting the job? As author of the forthcoming book, “Think like an Interviewer: Your Guide to finding employment for Success,” will show you how you can recover successfully. ** Arriving Late ** Here is a very common mistake, reaching ... Continue Reading

The pros and cons of working two jobs

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Only one job can be a very stressful task, and alone is hard enough to focus. Unfortunately, when faced with increasing debt, or the need to make extra money for any occasion, there are few options. You can apply for a loan, but still have to pay, or perhaps arrive ... Continue Reading

Quick ways to cope with the situation after losing job

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1.The first thing to do is collect dust yourself off. You have to realize that this probably is not your fault and you need to know what you do. 2.Do you know where you rank in the world when it comes to wealth? There is a web site called World List ... Continue Reading

Suggestion for a summer job for a high schooler

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Look at several things. First this is a learning experience. If you in it for the money then you might chose the highest paying job and be miserable and give a poor performance. Which will reflect on future employment. If you wanting something fun, I would suggest looking to volunteer groups. Or if ... Continue Reading

Ask the right questions to get the right Job

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If this is your first interview or one of hundreds, almost everyone freezes when asked, “Do you have any questions about us?” You do not want to ask the question wrong and be disqualified from the position you apply and you do not want to sit there and look confused. ... Continue Reading

How to handle Job Loss Emotions

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The unemployment rate seems to rise higher and higher with each report. When it happens to you or someone you love, how to deal with the emotional aspect of the job losses? Are you sure you’re looking for a job in every way he can, but must also take care ... Continue Reading

If you get laid off from your job, can you claim unemployment even if you get self-employment income?

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Todd S asked´╝Ü Basically I’m getting laid off from my day job, but I also make money on some side jobs, though they don’t earn enough to pay the bills. They are reported to the government, and they’ve been reported for the last few tax seasons. Can I still claim unemployment when ... Continue Reading

How to best explain a 2 year work gap to employers?

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Jaisonda asked: How can I best explain a 2 year work gap to employers? The last time I had a “real” job was about two years ago when I was a server at a restaurant. Since then I’ve been concentrating heavily on college and music and doing “under the table” side jobs ... Continue Reading

How to get a summer job?

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Many areas have youth employment bureaus. Check with your school counselors to see if they have any connections. You can also contact your city hall for a youth employment agency. Similarly, check with your community center aswell for any leads. Or here is another idea.Become an entrepreneur and do dance parties ... Continue Reading