How to make ends meet if you’re unemployed

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You could be one of the millions who have lost their jobs in the last four months and now you’re wondering how to make ends meet while you are unemployed. In fact, there are some very simple things you can do to help you and your family through these difficult ... Continue Reading

2 tricky interview question… what to answer?

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Hadri asked: How do you answer these 2: 1) What would you do if after a few months with us you’ll receive an offer for the job of your dreams? 2) If you have to choose between quality and respecting a deadline, what would you choose? Best Answer: 1. I applied here because I expect ... Continue Reading

How to deal with anxiety and stress at work

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Most people can relate to stress and anxiety at work. A certain amount of stress at work is probably normal. However, if you are overloaded with stress at work, you need a plan to address the situation. Maybe your boss is a bit of a psychopath. Many of them are ... Continue Reading

Quick Resume Writing Tips: Evaluating your resume

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The development of a resume is not an easy task, and many job seekers are so relieved to be done with this arduous task that can not wait to do it. Remember, however, that your resume is a marketing tool and is the first impression an employer has of you. ... Continue Reading

Is it too early to quit job only after 3 months?

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If you are in a state where the employment is “at-will” and you have an “at-will” employment agreement, then you can quit at any time. (I know, it’s kinda obvious…duh!) As for whether it is okay to quit, that depends on how you handle the quitting and what kind of person ... Continue Reading

How to be a good temporary employee

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The economy is not in great shape, and the labor market is not ideal. Temporary employment can be useful when you are looking for work, but their sleep is necessary to pay the bills. 1. Update your resume. Trying to keep a single page, easy to read, and you know you ... Continue Reading

Tips on making a living in times of global layoffs

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Due to the global economic crisis, are mass layoffs that lead to an increase in global unemployment rate. Hunger and crime are beginning to be experienced by most countries into recession. People should earn for life to survive. But in times of layoffs worldwide, there is still opportunity for the ... Continue Reading

How many potential candidates do you show to your boss in 2nd interview?

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Eric Chua asked: Interviewers: How many potential candidates after the first round of interviews do you show to your boss ? for the 2nd interview Best Answer: This is how I remember it: with regard to hourly employees it used to be the HR director would review the application. The prospective employee would arrive ... Continue Reading

How to Avoid a Job Layoff

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Although you can not control everything in a grim economy, can still take steps to help prevent a layoff at work. If your company is in trouble, you need to keep abreast of the situation and do everything in their control to keep his job. Even if the employment climate ... Continue Reading

should you change your current job?

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Strawber asked: I am a 29 year old married woman who have been working in the aviation industry for almost 4 years prior to that I was in the human resources sector and during my work in aviation I used to give consultation as a free lancer for a big ... Continue Reading