The importance of incorporation of employees

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The importance of the incorporation of a new employee is often underestimated by organizations. The long term effects of the act are not always properly known and the pressure to own daily tasks takes precedence over new employees to supervise.

The training of new employees is an important part of an organization. Both for the organization and the new employee makes a good program for BREAK much benefit in the long term, they are faster and have more productive the right knowledge and experience. Yet the practice is often different and many new employees proverbial ‘thrown into the deep, “or good guidance and a proper follow BREAK program is missing. New employees are all too often left to their fate.

New employees
A correct BREAK new employees is done preferably via a pre-prepared induction. This induction can be reduced to 1 A4 which the main issues are listed for the new employee, as the most important person to discover it, pedestrian schemes and inleeswerk. Proper training of new employees provides great benefits in the long term. Well-worked employees generally remain longer work within the organization.

Where can it go wrong?
During the application organizations devote much attention to the application process, letters are read, interviews are conducted and the potential new employee receives all the attention. At the moment the new employee then start within the organization, sometimes slackens this attention immediately. The daily work goes on and everyone is busy with their own work. Just like in a love relationship could be disastrous for the labor, the binding does not take place between the new employee and the organization. Research shows that when a new employee is insufficient at home within the first few weeks, they are relatively short stay in service.

What are the consequences
A new employee who is not properly incorporated (and therefore the bond may miss), the more likely he or she will leave within a shorter period. In the long run this will just extra work for the organization and reputational damage, instead of once to make time for an employee to work correctly. A study by Toine Al, author of the “Introduction Guide” shows that 1 in 25 employees resigned gives to his left because of the poor reception. Whereupon the employee, after the contract signed, the mass disappears and has no idea what he / she should do.

Tips for new employees to work correctly

Assign a “buddy” to, assigning a constant companion
A regular accompanist, also called a buddy, ensures that a new employee has foothold within the organization. The Buddy fits in well with the new job profile and employee is familiar with the executive tasks will be expected of the new employee. Addition is often advised to choose a buddy of equal age. The buddy introduces the new employee in all informal, such as lunches and culture within the organization. Also the regular conduct of evaluations may belong to a buddy mission, in conjunction with the manager.

Pay attention to the corporate
In principle, organizations often want to quickly switch to tasks and expected productivity of new employees. Try this, however, in the early weeks to minimize and limit yourself to a thorough explanation of the culture and organization. What does the organization, what are the values ​​and how within the organization to deal with customers and complaints, are good examples of this. Discuss also the house rules and unwritten rules.


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