Volunteering also Helps Your Career

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By volunteering you can earn karma points, and it’s also good for your own career. Too busy? Try microvolunteering again!

The voluntary offering your professional skills often has a big impact. If you have understanding of finance and want at a soup kitchen to get started, then an hour of your time more valuable and helps you budget than if you look to sort.

While you’re doing this, you gain valuable work experience by applying your knowledge. In a new context Meanwhile you new contacts that can lead to opportunities in the future.

Do you go with a non-profit organization in conversation about volunteering? Make sure you have a clear idea of ​​what you can offer in terms of skills and time them. But demand also to the needs of the organization. If you only” are available in the evenings or on weekends, ask if you can do to work remotely.

Projects on a voluntary basis are popular among young professionals because they allow them to work while they are busy also for charity to their portfolio.

If your time is really precious, you can also consider the so-called microvolunteering. A form of crowdsourcing, where everyone small transactions from home or on a mobile device. Tasks that often come his text translation, writing for brochures and help with collecting followers on Twitter and Facebook.


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