What Are The Responsibilities Of A General Office Clerk?

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A general office clerk has many responsibilities in the office. He/she types letters and other correspondence, mails out letters and receives and distributes the incoming mail.

He/she may answer a multiline phone and routes the phone calls to the appropriate people. The general office clerk may also make copies, send faxes, send and receive UPS and Fed Ex shipments.

He/she may greet customers and visitors and set up meetings and appointments for various people in the company.

The office clerk may also be in charge of ordering all needed and requested office supplies and he/she may schedule and organize maintenance and check ups on all of the office equipment.

So, in general, there are several things that a general office clerk would do. It would be a good idea to check with the company to see if there are any specific duties, but the above list are general responsibilities of the general office assistant.

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