What can you do with an associate’s degree in business administration?

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An associate’s degree in business administration provides you with background and training in business practices and office environments. Your degree can lead you to a variety of career and continuing education options.

Retail Sales Management

Your associate’s degree qualifies you for a career in retail sales management. You may start off in a management training program and progress into a position as a sales manager with a retail company.

Office Manager

Your business background gives you insight about business operations and daily office supervision that can support a company as an office manager. Job duties may include overseeing billing procedures or interacting with clients and customers.

Human Resources

Many companies rely on qualified business administration professionals to support their human resources departments. Human resource managers and directors oversee the hiring and evaluation of employees to ensure efficiency within the company’s work force.

Bachelor’s Degree

Your associate’s degree provides a strong foundation of basic business knowledge. With a more specialized interest in a specific field of business such as finance or leadership, you could complete a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years after earning your associate’s degree.


The math and accounting skills you honed while earning your associate’s degree can lead you to work as a clerk in a business accounting department. Helping to maintain a balanced budget provides a valuable service to successful businesses.

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