What would you say when applying for a job which you don’t have any experience?

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potaTorrents asked:

guys! i am studying Software Engineering, am not graduate yet. but i have job as a Medical Supply Clerk, i know it sounds crazy that i am in a wrong place.

my question is i am applying for a new job which i don’t have any experienced. a “transporation specialist” i know i could learn this in less than 4 weeks. i don’t know about medicines but i learned my job as a Medical Supply Clerk so am pretty sure i will learn this job as a transportation specialist. i am applying tomorrow personally,

what should be a good conversation to start with regarding my status? tell me like your the one applying.

Best Answer:

OK so I am the applicant for this job?

Here’s what I would tell the interviewer.

“I’m applying for the job because I want more responsibility and growth opportunities. When I accepted the position as medical supply clerk, I had no experience and little knowledge of the job, yet within (x days or x weeks – whatever the time it took) I learned every aspect of the job. I’m looking for the same opportunity as a transportation specialist. Right now I am successfully working a full time job and studying to complete a degree in software engineering. This takes a great deal of organizational skills, willingness to quickly learn new things, and a high degree of discipline. I have clearly demonstrated my ability to do this in my current job/school situation, and I would bring all of these important skills to the transportation specialist position.”

Say that enthusiastically, dress well for the interview, and I believe you will land the job.

Hope this helps.


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