What you need to put in the additional remarks section of job application

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JL asked:

Im an Electrician but this opportunity is for a great company entry level position. Eventually I want to work my way into becoming an electrician with this company.

Best Answer:

Don’t leave it blank. Think on it, then write in something that makes you stand out. This is the employer’s way of giving yourself a shot at making any positive points about yourself that aren’t mentioned in your resume/application- don’t let this chance pass you by.

Try not to be mundane, you may wish to elaborate on one of the following:
*The quality of your work- “I take pride in my attention to detail and speed. Every ordinary task that I do, I try to improve, so that my skills and efficiency will progressively increase” etc.
*Any awards or letters of appreciation that you have received regarding the quality of your work.
*Why you would be an excellent fit for the company, etc

Use your own words, but just don’t use this space to remark on how much you want this job, you will lump yourself in with a dozen other uncreative candidates.



4 Responses to “What you need to put in the additional remarks section of job application”
  1. Frank says:

    I want remark write up for a job as an electrical engineer

  2. Mousume Haque says:

    I want to have good remarks writings regarding to Assistant Manager (Technical) post from EEE (electrical & electronic engineering) background.

  3. faisal says:

    i wannts some good remarks points for the post of document controller
    please help me

  4. bello olakunle says:

    i want to have good remark in support of my application regarding to assitant executive officer (audit)

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