When do you ask how much the hourly pay is for a new job?

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sara asked:

When do i ask how much the hourly pay is for a new job?
I had an interview last week, she called and left me a message saying “call me back i have great news” (obviously more formal then that) im assuming i have the job, plus the lady made it clear i was well fit for the job. this is only a part-time job. i called back, she wasnt there, she is calling me back tomorrow. now say i got the job…when do i ask how much i would get paid hourly? i dont want her to say… “hey you got the job” then i say “ok, how much you pay?” and then its not what i want/need.

make sense? thanks in advance.

Best Answer:

Congratulations! She should let you know what the hourly wage is upon offering you the job- if not I would say it’s OK to ask once she offers you the job. You could make it light by saying “With all this excitement of this new opportunity, what was the hourly wage again??” or something. Just make sure it’s what you need before you accept her offer! I wouldn’t ask in an interview- usually on an application you put the wage you were looking for,(like between $9-10 to start) so if they don’t pay in that range, they wouldn’t have called you for an interview.


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