Why Choose a Career in Law?

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The system nowadays is organized so that, once you choose what you are going to study, you are bound to that profession for the rest of your life. Frankly speaking, you can always have hobbies that can bring you some extra cash on the side, but your job is your job. That is why each and every person should thoroughly think about exactly where he or she will sign up. Consult someone older, listen to their advice, speak to older students… you do have to ask around a lot, just so that you gather enough info. Only that way will you be able to get a clear picture in your head. When that picture is, as they say, “as clear as daylight”, you are good to go.

In this article, the focus will be on law studies. Actually, there are many reasons why someone should consider this profession, as their “calling”. First of all, just think about how many different TV shows whose main protagonists work for certain law firm have come out after Ally McBeal. 10? 15? There is a reason for that. The need for lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, prosecutors and the like is always around, since the legal system tends to be very complex, and no one can expect from a “regular” person to be well informed.

What does a lawyer do?

My first contact with the law was with a personal injury lawyer from Brisbane, Greg Smith. It was an injury my dad sustained in an accident, and that’s what brought me to this profession. But there are so many aspects of law for you to choose from, so read on.

There are many things that an attorney at law can do:

1     He or she can represent someone in the court of law – this is the first thing that everyone thinks about when imagining their law career.

2     He or she will be asked to give someone legal advice (for reasons stated above).

3     He or she will be asked to check whether some legal document is valid or not (since only a skilled lawyer can find any and all loopholes that might exist within the document).

4     He or she could work for the government thus taking part in the creation of new laws, and the alteration of existing ones.

Of course, no one expects of you to be an expert on each and every detail in the law industry (although, during your studies you will acquire a great deal of knowledge). You are free to choose a branch and specialize for it, depending on what your interests are and what you are good at. This is why you have compensation lawyers, divorce lawyers, lawyers that deal with cases like homicide, fraud, and the list goes on and on. Logically, if you are ambitious and hardworking, you can specialize for two or more different areas.

What will be your tasks?

Your career can be connected to the courtroom specifically, but it need not be. If you are in the courtroom, your list of obligations will cover the following:

  • Representing various clients in front of the court, or some other government body;
  • You will have to present evidence that will support your client’s claims, both if you are prosecuting and if you are defending him or her.
  • You will pick jurors, meet with various judges, question witnesses, and you will have to be constantly concentrated during the trial so as to be able to argue certain motions during the process.
  • You will be presenting various cases to judges and members of the jury. Logically, you are expected to give a closing statement, thus summarizing the whole case.

When you are not in the courtroom, you will be:

  • Providing clients with legal advice – this may include telling them to back out, because they have no chance of success.
  • Analyzing cases and predicting their outcomes – for this, you need general legal knowledge and you have to be aware of the outcomes of many previous similar cases.
  • Dealing with loads of legal documentation.
  • Negotiation settlements, since there will be cases where this will have to be done.
  • Working as consultant in some company.

Skills required for the job

It goes without saying that not everyone is fit for such a career. A person has to have certain virtues, without which he or she will not be able to make it through the studies, let alone in the field. If you are thinking of becoming a lawyer, make sure that you are good at:

  • Speaking – Imagine a lawyer who stutters, or who is shy. That would not be good, because such a person cannot get the idea across adequately. Only someone who has good speaking skills can be up for the job.
  • Persuasion – A lawyer is supposed to be able to persuade the audience that his or her way of thinking is the right one.
  • Reading and Listening – During one session in the court, things happen very fast. A lawyer has to listen, hear, process, and understand everything that has been said, whilst scanning and skimming for written proof of his or her claims. Only that way will he or she be able to win the case.
  • Providing Arguments – This one is somewhat logical. Only the best arguments presented in the best way possible will be the thing that brings you the advantage during a court session.

There is one other thing that is not related to skills specifically, but is also very important. That is staying completely up-to-date. The law system can change overnight. What you once considered a fact can become a slightly different fact when you wake up the next day. So, prepare to spend a certain amount of time on researching and actively learning.

So, to sum up, picking what you are to study is directly connected to what you will be doing for the rest of your life. This is, as you will most probably agree, a very, very important decision – not one to be taken likely. Be sure to find something more on the subject and explore other people’s experiences and opinions. The more info you have, the easier it would be make a good choice. A career in law has its ups and downs, but it is profitable, and there will constantly be a need for lawyers. So, think about it.


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