Work in The Restaurant: What kind of work positions are these?

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Host: this would be someone who greets the customer as they enter the restaurant and designates where incoming parties will sit, based on the schedule of the servers. They would provide menus and seat them accordingly, or add their name to the waiting list. They also field questions from customers, such as how long the wait time is, where the bathroom is, etc.

Line Server: This would be a starting chef position. You would be designated to one specific area of the kitchen and would focus on one part of the meal, example: cooking steaks.

Service Assistant: You would be the assistant to the Service Manager and be their back-up when they are not available or when they need assistance.

Shift Lead: This would be the person that is in charge pf managing the cooks and service for the entire shift. If there is a problem, that the Service Manager or assistant could not handle, then it would escalate up to the Shift Lead who has the responsibility of resolving the problem.

Be sure that when you go for an interview to be neat and clean. Speak clearly and intelligently. Appear enthusiastic and confident. Stress your reliability and availability.

Source: yahoo answers


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