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Career Planning


Career planning is like planning your life. You can not rush it. When many changes are happening around you, you need to plan ahead, be it deciding what to do with choosing a career. In the future, you must be contented, happy, satisfied and able to contribute to your vocation. But how can you plan your career if you do not know how?

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Job Search

jobsearchGetting a job requires time, effort and patience. Looking for opportunity, send resumes and then you have to ace the interview. In search of work today may be a very complicated process. It is very important not only to find a job but to find a job you like and enjoy working. You better put more effort to find a job you like. When you enjoy your job, you will work effectively, and feel happy and completed.

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Job Interview

recruiting-interviewA job interview is one of the most stressful life situations. You are in competition with other candidates who may be equally if not more qualified. You need a way to accelerate your chances of landing the job. Good interview questions can help employers judge the technical qualifications, people skills, problem-solving approach, and appropriate equipment for potential employees.

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resumeEach part of the curriculum should be a positive statement about you. Should be concise, to the point and show how your career has progressed. A brief profile at the top provides an overview of their strengths, experience and training and education is a good way to get a hiring manager quickly connected.

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Cover Letters

Every time you send out a resume, It must be accompanied by a cover letter. This letter sets the context for your resume, which explains the position you are looking for and developing their skills and accomplishments. Never send a form letter, and each cover letter should be addressed to a specific person and should be tailored to the job for which you are applying.

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Change Jobs

change jobsMost people accept that jobs are no longer for life. People are more mobile and more prone to change jobs every few years and even careers a number of times throughout their lives. And it is increasingly common that we find we have to change jobs because of retrenchments, redundancies and closures. Have confidence in your skills, experience and ability to cope with the challenges of starting over can give you a greater sense of confidence about your career and what life brings your way.

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Layoffs & Firings

Layoffs are happening all around us. Along with knowing to keep your job safe, you must also be prepared for a layoff. Here are some ways to tackle with this problem and give you advice on how to survive a layoff during financial crisis.

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You will find here a wealth of tips and advice. Learn how to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity in the workplace, including improving communication in your organization, dealing with workplace bullying and workplace discrimination problems.

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Getting Ahead

When you’ve found the perfect job that you love, do you know how to further your career and advance in it? It’s important to find opportunities to move up the ladder. The following guidelines will help you quicken your career advancement and make success at work.

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Time and Stress Management

For most people today, increased stress levels are a regular part of life. They are under pressure to make more achievement in less time. Time & Stress Management articles aims to give them the knowledge and skills that would enable them to work more productively, manage their time more effectively, and take action to bring balance to life.

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A list of occupations like: Business & Professional Jobs, Medical & Healthcare Jobs, Teaching Jobs, Law Enforcement Jobs, Information Technology Jobs, etc…

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